Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's not only time for our monthly check-in, but time for our end-of-summer check-in also.
OK, lol, you know the drill!
Step on the scale, take out the tape measure, cross your fingers that it's good news...then let us know if it's :) or :(
Same results for me this pounds inches lost on waist...but more definition on various muscles around my body.
NEXT WEEK'S BLOG: What not to wear
DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. dropped two pounds but haven't ever measured.. and today I have started again to write out what I eat.. wonder how long that will last. haha I am not going to use fitness pal.. I find it annoying to have to search for the foods I eat and try to match them so I will do what my dietitian said... count your carbs.. that is a nuisance too but I figure if I write out everything I eat SHE can count my carbs.. LOL

  2. Congrats on the weight loss Weezie!!

    I try to keep my carbs down too...and my fat, sugar, sodium, etc. How many carbs does your doctor suggest for daily intake? I read a kindle book that said 30 carbs...yikes, that was just too hard for me to stick to!

    I am still using myfitnesspal every day...sometimes it's a hassle but it's become a habit just like my daily workouts.

  3. grumble * grumble * this month is a big :(:( what is wrong with me

    1. Your body is probably happy where it's at :)

  4. I have been a very bad girl (lowering my head). I will be weighing in on Monday. This past week I marked the calendar for the next 20 weeks a routine I am going to follow. Taking a deep breath, I can do this.

    1. Good luck with the routine Pam! Personally, I find it really helps to have a schedule to stick to.