Saturday, August 03, 2013


This week's blog is part 2 of the discussion on body image.

As you will recall, in part 1, I had discovered that there were many ways to describe our body shape...and many ways to dress those shapes.
We all can't have the perfect figure but we can display our figure perfectly :)
I'm hoping that you took up my challenge...that you figured out what shape you were...and then went online to find some tips on what to wear to showcase your body.
Kudos to anyone who discovered that they have been it right all along!
Before I continue, I just want to explain that my mission with this whole topic was to stress that no matter what shape or size of body type you are....

No matter if you can't lose weight, lost weight, lost weight but gained it back, lost weight but want to lose more ... you should be confident in how you look.
About losing weight...this has been my goal from the start:
I hope that the majority of people nowadays are also striving for a healthy body. LOL...much easier to attain anyway than a skinny one :)
For those that didn't get a chance to do any internet searching but are still interested in seeing what some tips are...
I found a site that had info for all body types in one spot.
It is in pdf format, so I've posted two the site and to the pdf file itself...if the link to the pdf file doesn't work for you, hopefully you can access it from the site :)
1. Have you changed any aspect of your wardrobe since becoming aware of your body type?
2. Do you have any body quirks that govern what you matter what size you are?
I've got 4 body quirks...they irritate me but que sera, sera.
1. My shoulders must be built on a slope...I have never been able to keep bra straps up or to carry a purse from my shoulder.
2. I am small-chested which makes it hard to buy clothes especially these days with the low cut necklines to show off cleavage. LOL...I put on some of these tops and the openings are down to my belly with nothing to fill them in! Thank goodness tank tops and camisoles are also in style for me to wear underneath them.
3. Darn my short arms and legs...I'm always cutting off several inches of material to hem my pants...and rolling up the cuffs of my shirts and jackets.
4. I have very high arches on my feet so I have a hard time fitting my feet into some of the more popular styles of shoes especially those with high heels because the shoe ends up being too tight across the top of my foot if I can even get into the shoe past my toes.
I wish for everyone to like what they see in their mirror...and to love their body enough to take good care of it :)
Coming later in August will be a blog post about dressing appropriately according to age and weight... a humourous look at it followed by a roundtable of opinions from you all about what you feel is acceptable and what is not.

DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. 1. Have you changed any aspect of your wardrobe since becoming aware of your body type?

    This challenge was more helpful for me figuring out what my shape actually is, rather than what to wear. It def. helps but at the end of the day I generally wear what I'm comfortable in. If I'm feeling in a confident mood i would probably pick out a dress that i would usually feel to exposed it, and on a crappy day I'm looking all sorts of frumpy haha.

    2. Do you have any body quirks that govern what you matter what size you are?

    My only quirk in my opinion is my butt. Does not match the rest of my body so I am cautious about the bottoms I chose, ESP. when it comes to bathing suits.

    1. LOL...we all have those "frumpy" days!

      I always strive for comfort too. If something doesn't feel good or fit right, I change :)