Saturday, July 27, 2013


It's that time again...

How successful have you been towards achieving your goals this month?


Step on the scale or take out your tape measure...and share your results :)

I still haven't lost any weight. I wish I had documented my body parts with photos for reference. My arms and legs have changed so much...every month I notice more definition...fat has been replaced with muscle. LOL...and that's not even what I was going for...I was aiming for a loss in belly fat!

I'm not complaining though because I've reached a celebration point. longer do I have to tug at the legs of my shorts because they ride up from my thighs rubbing together...woohoo!!

NEXT WEEK'S BLOG: Embrace Your Shape (part 2 of discussion on body image )


DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. Ive lost approximately 5lbs. this month.Now at 162lbs.Would like to stay at 160.

    1. Weigh to go Al!! Keep up the good work, you're almost there :)

  2. I think I gained weight this month. It fluctuates from 138-142 at different times of the day. Wish I could hit 130 and stay there :( Cant wait for next weeks post !

    1. My weight does the same...flip flops up and down 2 lbs all the time.