Saturday, June 01, 2013


It's that time again...hop on the scale or bring out your measuring tape... let's share our results for this month :)

Just a reminder to the 4 contestants in the Beach Body Challenge...we are half way there now...good luck to all!
This week we'll be revisiting some of our past challenges to see how you've been doing with the ones you've tried out.

1. Did you try to cut down on adding salt to your food?
2. Did you switch to a healthier cereal after reading the nutrition label on your usual box?
3. Did you determine if you were eating too many calories per day and if so, how were you able to cut down that amount?
4. Did you make any changes to your portion size or plate size at meal time?
5. LOL...are you still remembering to do your tummy tuck as much as possible?
6. Have you been weighing your food to see if you are getting your serving sizes right? How close were you to being correct?
7. Are you trying out last week's recipe for Fat Flush Water?
Most importantly:
We examined the different issues that could be holding each of us back from losing weight/eating healthier. Have you accomplished anything towards conquering your #1 issue?

My #1 issue is my lack of willpower where evening snacking is concerned. Last year I had no problem sticking to it, guess I really wanted to lose weight more last year and this year I am content to just maintain that weight loss. LOL...who am I trying to kid here? LOL...I am not content! I really want to lose more why am I settling for the weight I am at now? Good grief girl, get your willpower kicked into high gear again!!
My check-in status...sadly no weight I don't see a new pair of flip flops in my future.

DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. No weight loss........ my number one problem is I really don't care cuz I am gonna die anyway so figure I may as well die happy.. need to change that attitude..
    Pretty sad too that I have NO goals; NO bucket List... No get up and go.. Can you figure out I AM HAVING A PITY PARTY TODAY??

  2. Well,stopped eating bread,except for toast,one piece,for my weekend eggs and bacon,lost 2 pounds.

    1. LOL...not fair...I do the same thing...and don't lose weight!

  3. The only thing I really changed was trying to drink more water. I can't say no to my junk food. Also this month I have been broke so we haven't been eating a lot of take out. && this month my numbers on the scale actually changed, in a good way. This morning I weighed in at 139lbs! My usual is 142.5. I saw it go as low as 138 about a week ago but 139 is my weigh in weight today :) Yay me

    1. Woohoo, you're ahead of Dad by 1 lb.! Is Anthony going to report in on his own or will you do it for him?, I noticed you didn't finish your glass of fat flush water when you were I'm guessing it wasn't your "cup of tea"!

  4. good for you Desiree... every little bit adds up.. or should I say minuses down.. LOL

    And also good for you, Al... keep it up... and Cheryl, your turn is coming.. I've read that men lose weight faster than women.. can't remember the reasoning behind it though. Just know it isn't fair. haha

    1. I'm not overly concerned with the weight right now because I can see the changes in my body landscape...especially my I know I'm doing something right :)

  5. 211...down 3 lbs.!