Sunday, January 06, 2013


... and it's time for the post-holiday confession booth & the dreaded 1st weigh-in of the year:

The holiday season is over and it's time to work on our new year's resolutions. Did you make one? If it had anything to do with your health or weight, would you like to share it with us? you need help sticking to it? We can support each other along the way :)

It seems to me that at some point your body says " okay lady, this is as far as I'm going, I am happy right here, no more weight loss for me". I've noticed this for the past several months...the pounds just aren't going to fall off as quickly as they did for the first half of last year. So I'm joining my body with being happy at the weight I am now. Good grief, I had started out thinking I'd just lose 5 lbs. to make my doctor happy. LOL...don't get me wrong though, if a few more pounds here and there decide to trickle off by the wayside, I'm not going to be upset!

So with that said, my new year's resolution shouldn't be too hard to maintain, in fact, it should be so much easier than last year's since all I have to do is continue the rhythm of life I've become familiar with :)


 Being on a strict diet for the whole year and then telling yourself you are free to eat whatever you want for the last 2 weeks of the year is opening up a whole can of worms lol...

Everything in the store looks sooo good, especially if it's chocolate confections or spicy appetizers. So you overbuy!! Even with having the 4 kids here for 3 days (and taking care packages back with them) we figure we've got enough goodies left to last us until next Christmas!

Even though you have your heart set on pigging out, your stomach just isn't big enough to handle it all (if you've been eating smaller portions, it will rebel when given larger ones).

Who knew that enjoying rich chocolate/caramel desserts, salty nuts/popcorn/chips, posh sparkling cocktails would result in gas pains, bloating, heart burn...not a fair trade at all, lol.


Does anyone have anything they'd like to get off their chest, lol, or off their waistline?

I didn't pig out as much as I thought I would. Sadly there are some boxes of chocolates that didn't even get opened. But I did try at least one piece of each baking selection. My two fave new treats this year were Desiree's chocolate covered strawberries and a huge chocolate covered, nut sprinkled caramel apple from Independent Grocers. Just a coincidence that both were "healthy" fruits :)

But I must confess that I drank elf cocktails every evening for about a week or so until the bottles of vodka and melon liqueur were empty.'s a wonder I didn't end up with pointy ears!


Stepping on the scales is our first weekly challenge.

Does that scare you, lol? I hope not and that you'll be brave enough to join in on our monthly weigh-ins. You can share your weight in the comment area or you can keep it to yourself, the choice is yours.

Do you know your weight from before the holidays? Did you gain any weight? Would you like to share with us whether your weight stayed the same, went up or went down? (No need to mention pounds if you're not comfortable doing that)

If you didn't gain any, I congratulate you! You've got more will power than I do when the Christmas holidays come along. It's the one time of the year that I must enjoy myself fully :)

I gained a couple of pounds...but luckily my new clothes still fit or I'd have been having a hissy fit...even if it was my own fault, lol! That weight gain was discovered at new years but at today's weigh-in the 2 lbs. are gone. I give the credit for that to Anthony who gave me 3 lb. hand weights for Christmas...they are killers and really amped up my workouts!

Don't feel bad if you have gained aren't the only one...and as this chart shows, you are in the majority. And if you lost weight, wow, that's amazing, there is only a slim portion of you (haha pun intended)!

Looking forward to reading & replying to your comments :)

Next week's blog: The #1 key to success in achieving a healthy lifestyle (according to me)


DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. At the moment I cannot get to my scale which is in the basement.... my back is still popped out and I can't do stairs so no weigh in for me this week. Looking forward to next week's episode.. Hope you get the picture thing figured out.

    1. Hope your back improves soon! move having the scales in the basement...getting exercise just getting to your weigh-in :)

  2. Great blog post Cheryl. I can say I did not over eat during the holiday season. In fact I have found the older I get the less I'm eating however, that doesn't mean I'm eating the right things all the time. I remember when I would go back for seconds I don't do that too often anymore.

    I am doing TurboFire for my exercise and when the ice is gone I will add walking too. As for dieting I will start logging the food I eat and work on making healthy choices but I know for myself if I restrict too much I'm not going to stick with it. I love chocolate too much to give it up so I buy bags of Dove square chocolates and indulge two of them a day. (This will be in tomorrows blog btw) Life would be too boring without a little splurge.

    The dreaded scale, I have not gotten on the scale since July. I don't really care about the numbers I care how my clothing fits. I know I have gained some weight during the summer/fall my clothes are not as baggy but not close to being tight. I know at some point I will get on the scale but not yet :)

    I miss not having Anna here she whipped by butt about working out. I'm thankful that you started this blog, it will help me a lot to keep with it. You are an inspiration.

    As for the blog....I'm not real good at figuring things out goes right over my head. However, if I figure things out I will pass them along. I love that you have a "reply" on your comments I'm going to try and figure out that. All I have been doing is posting a comment as a reply and I'm not happy with that. I also want to learn how to do pages on my blog. Every time I try to figure it out I feel like my head is spinning. We will help each other out with blogging too.

    1. LOL...I am a chocoholic and will never be able to give it up!

      Pam, much to the chagrin and bewilderment of my dietitian, I step on the scales every morning.

      Blogging sure isn't as easy as I thought it would be...this morning I hit backspace and lost my whole blog post(I know Desiree will laugh when she reads this because she's done it before too).

  3. Stepped on the scale at work since we don't have one. My weight hasn't changed AT ALL since this time last year. I suppose that is pretty good since I can say I ate like crap all year and hardly ever exercised.

    LOL you call that holiday confessions - you didn't do anything wrong lmao. I ate half a box of toffefee chocolates, anthony took the other half. Thats a confession lmao.

    1. You won't believe this Desiree...I also have to confees that I haven't even opened my box of Toffifee yet!!

    2. LOL...we'll see if there's any left after I indulge on my birthday :)