Saturday, February 02, 2013


I just realized that it's time for our monthly weigh-in so the blog I promised last week will be posted next week.

And how serendipitous that I've got something funny to share with you about weighing in. Well, it's not actually funny but if I don't laugh about it, I'll cry.

My bathroom scale has played a cruel joke on me!

As you might already know about me, I weigh myself every morning. LOL...I just can't stand the suspense...wondering if the work I did the day before had any effect...if I've lost a lb. I want to know asap, not wait a whole week to find out. I know, I extra low caloried meal or an extra intense workout yesterday may not show on the scale until a few days more but hey you never know what can happen right?

So...for over a year now, I've been weighing myself every morning...losing weight all year long. Mind you it wasn't a steady loss, some days I'd gain a lb, some days I'd lose 3, twice during the year I was on a plateau for 2 months at a time before starting to drop again. But it was a definite loss of poundage...from reading 192 in Jan. 2012 to reading 132 in Dec. 2012.

Then comes 2013. As usual I've been weighing myself every morning and the poundage was to be expected...gained 2 lbs. over the holidays then managed to lose it again quite quickly.

Then it's Jan. 23rd and all hell breaks loose, lol!! I step on the scale that morning and it reads 150 lbs.!! I moved the scale around to different spots on the bathroom floor, still 150. To this day, it still reads 150 :(

Okay, it's humanly impossible to gain 20 lbs. overnight, right? LOL...should I be calling Guinness Book of World Records?

At first I was flabbergasted, in shock. Secondly, devastation set in. It was a big blow to my selfpride and ego...I had been so pleased with my progress and it was like it had never happened at all. LOL...luckily I snapped out of it as soon as I got dressed in front of the mirror, the same changes to my body were still there...the same new clothes still fit fine...I got out my measuring tape and fearfully peeked at my inches...Yay, still the same! Thirdly came disappointment...I had been so happy that I'd made it down into the BMI healthy range. Now I'm back to being overweight...and it sucks :(

What a conundrum, what the heck happened?

Need to find out:
1. Was the scale wrong before and I really didn't lose as much weight as I thought I had?
2. Is the scale right now and I've gained 20 lbs...but of what, can't be fat cause measurements are same, could it be muscle?
3. Do I laugh or cry?

Need to find out:
1. Was the scale wrong before and I really didn't lose as much weight as I thought I had?
2. Is the scale right now and I've gained 20 lbs...but of what, can't be fat cause measurements are same, could it be muscle?
3. Do I laugh or cry?

I've come to the conclusion that instead of a monthly weigh-in, we should be having a monthly check-in. I know that some people never weigh themselves regularly, they rely on their measurements and/or their wardrobe as signs of their progress or backsliding.

As for myself, I'll definitely be continuing on with my healthier lifestyle...I'll still be weighing myself daily (on the evil scale) and taking my measurements every month...and as painful as it is to do, I'll change my weight on myfitnesspal so it can adjust the amount of calories needed to lose that weight all over again...happy face, sad face, not sure what to put at the end of that statement.


Check-in time! Get out your scale or your measuring tape or your fave are things going? any juicy confessions about something you indulged in this month that you know wasn't good for you? I had cake for my birthday, but good grief, not 20 lbs. worth!!

I'll just have to keep telling myself....


DISCLAIMER: Whenever I use the word DIET in my blog posts I am in no way suggesting that I have invented/discovered some miracle system to lose weight. Whenever I use the word DIET, I am simply substituting a single word to replace the longer phrase EATING HEALTHIER THAN IN THE PAST.


  1. I think your scale must be broken. Did you ever get weighed at the Dr's when you were first told to loose weight?

    Just keep doing what you are doing, you look great and its obv working. You will reach your goal. You have motivated me to start eating healthy/exercising/lose weight.

    At the last weigh in in JAN i was 144 not having moved the whole year. This year month I am 138! 6lbs :)

    Thanks mom!

    1. So glad you are finally seeing's all in what you eat right?

      Yes, I got weighed at dr...last time was in summer and was same as home scale.

      Scale can't be broken because 10 lb. bag of potatoes weighs 10 lbs on it.

  2. Also love the first image on this blog post :P

  3. Oh No! I would run to the local store and hop on a scale. I bet it's the scale you are doing such a great job

  4. you are using those weights that Anthony gave you for Christmas along with doing your exercises so it COULD be muscle, especially if your measurements are the same. I'm down 3 pounds but still not saying how much I was to begin with... too embarrassed to say.
    Oh and maybe, just maybe your weight gain is from putting all those fattening food pictures on Facebook... that is your punishment for torturing those of us who crave them. LOL LOL